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Eureka Assault Outfitter Tent -  4 Man

    Storage Instructions

  • Shake out and debris from the inside of the tent.
  • If the tent is dirty, hose it off..  Do not put it in a washing machine!
  • Dry the tent, fly, bags and ground sheet by hanging outside.  Use a garage or basement if necessary.
  • Air out the tent and fly even if it is not wet.
  • Make sure the poles are in good shape.
    • Any pieces missing?
    • Any pieces broken?
    • Are shock cords intact?
  • Make sure the all pieces are included.  Don’t forget to check for stakes and the webbing that is used to stake out the rear door vestibule.  It is attached to both sides of the zipper with six sided release buckles.
  • Check for holes or rips in the tent or fly.
  • Check to make sure the tent zippers work.
  • Make sure the tent, fly, and all bags all have the same color and number.  Colors are Yellow, Blue, Red, Green or White.  Numbers are 1, 2 or 3.
  • Place the poles in the pole bag.
  • Place the guy lines and stakes in the stake bag.
  • Fold the tent in half with the fold crossing the two doors and the brown floor facing out.  Fold the tent again so the width is somewhat less than the length of the tent bag.
  • Fold the fly so it is the same size or smaller than the folded tent.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.
  • Fold the tyvek ground sheet to the same size at the folded tent.
  • Lay out the tent on the floor.  Place the fly on top of the tent and the ground sheet on top of the fly.
  • Roll the pole and stake bags inside of the tent, fly and ground sheet and place in the tent bag.
  • Note any problems on a piece of paper.  Insert the paper in the top of the tent bag.

Content List



Eureka Assault Tent
1 Tent body – marked with color and number
1 Fly – marked with color and number
3 Aluminum Poles – marked with color
1 Tent Bag – marked with color and number
1 Pole Bag – marked with color and number
1 Stake Bag – marked with color and number
6 Metal tent stakes
3 Yellow plastic tent stakes
4 Rope guy lines
1 Webbing buckled to rear fly door
1 Tyvek ground sheet