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Trail Chef Aluminum Cook Kit

    Storage Instructions

  • Wash the kit thoroughly.  Use warm water, detergent and scrub pads as necessary.
  • DO NOT use a dishwasher.
  • Wash the red cover if necessary.
  • Make sure all parts are included with the kit.
  • Make sure all parts are part of the same kit.  Parts will be marked with a color and an engraved letter.  (R- Red, Y – Yellow, G – Green, B – Blue or W – White)
  • List any problems on a piece of paper. Put the paper inside the nylon cover.

    Typical Problems

  • Broken pieces
  • Missing pieces
  • Parts belonging to another cook kit (i.e. wrong color code)
  • Extra pieces
  • Color coding has worn off

Content List



Trail Chef Aluminum Cook Kit
1 Cocoa Pot
1 Cocoa Pot Lid
1 2-Qt. Pot
1 2-Qt. Pot Lid
1 4-Qt. Pot
1 4-Qt. Pot Lid
1 8-Qt. Pot
1 Large Fry Pan / 8-Qt Pot Lid
1 Small Fry Pan
2 Fry Pan Handles
4 9-Inch Aluminum Plates
4 Plastic Cups
1 Red Nylon Cover